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Selecting a reliable orthodontist in Jacksonville, St Johns, or St Augustine is a big decision. Read some of the real testimonials from other local patients, then come in for a visit to decide for yourself. Smiles by Glenos & Hadgis Orthodontists specializes in all orthodontic issues and does Invisalign® for teens as well!

“Smiles by Glenos & Hadgis Orthodontists: Just to say thanks for helping me, and making a difference in my life! I truly appreciate your attention to detail.” — Laine

“Thank you to Smiles by Glenos & Hadgis Orthodontists!! You have been so kind, professional, and a blessing these past two years! You made it a breeze for D. and we so much appreciate you all so much!” — Krissy

“In the last week, our second child to have braces from Smiles by Glenos & Hadgis Orthodontists just got them off, and the third and fourth kids are ready to go! We love absolutely everything about the office — the amazing, understanding, and personable staff, the flexible scheduling, the superb game room, the fact that people in the office really KNOW us and care. I would highly recommend Smiles by Glenos & Hadgis Orthodontists to everyone.” — Mindy

“Thank you for fixing my braces on St. Patrick’s Day at your house. That was really nice of you to do.” — Brooke

“Smiles by Glenos & Hadgis Orthodontists, thank you for caring for our children and such exceptional treatment. And the overall graciousness in which we were received.” — Gabriel

“Everyone at the office is super friendly and always in a good mood. I always enjoy my appointments. Questions are always answered and I felt it was a lot less stressful having braces because of your care.” — Brittany

“It’s warm, friendly, and fun.” — Nila

“You give an honest opinion about stage-one braces. Very friendly staff and great customer service.” — Ella

“Everyone is very nice.” — Riley

“Words cannot express my thanks to Smiles by Glenos & Hadgis Orthodontists for providing orthodontic services for K. I have already noticed changes in her face since you put braces on her earlier this year. Thank you for making a tremendous difference in her life. Thank you for going over and beyond the call of duty.” — John

“The office is very friendly and inviting.” — Avery

“Very professional!” — Brian

“Such a warm and friendly service and personal care that my child received.” — Savannah